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Jul 08,  · Tushar Jain is a Strategic Finance Senior Director, Investor Relations at Luminar Technologies based in Orlando, Florida. Previously, Tushar was a Buyer at Splunk. Read More. Export. Get Tushar’s Contact Info. Tushar Jain’s Phone Number and Email. Last Update. 7/8/ PM. Email. t***@ Jul 02,  · ZoomInfo is the go-to-market intelligence solution for more than 20, companies worldwide, boasting unrivaled data coverage and accuracy for B2B sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals. Our best-in-class technology also helps us discover market-leading trends by sorting through detailed attributes about more than 14 million companies and their . ZoomInfo RevOS is a multiplatform operating system that revenue teams rely on to deliver business growth. Intelligence and prospecting solutions for relentless sales teams determined to crush quotas. Hit Your Number. ABM and conversion tools for modern marketers obsessed with how to turn leads into pipeline. Accelerate Your ROI.

Zoominfo technologies investor relations. ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. (ZI)


The ZoomInfo platform empowers business-to-business sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals to hit their number by pairing best-in-class technology with unrivaled data coverageaccuracy, and depth of company and contact information. With integrations embedded into workflows and technology stacks, including the zoominfo technologies investor relations CRM, Sales EngagementZoominfo technologies investor relations Automation, and Talent Management applications, ZoomInfo drives more predictable, accelerated, and sustainable growth for its customers.

For more information about our leading go-to-market software, data, and intelligence, and how they help salesmarketingand recruiting /8291.txt, please gelations www.

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Zoominfo technologies investor relations


Is it the right time to buy or sell? Find out with Morningstar Investor. Key Statistics – ZI More. Sector Technology. Industry Software – Application. Most Recent Earnings Mar 31, Fiscal Year End Dec 31, Stock Type Speculative Growth. Employees 2, Value-focused and China-heavy funds fared best amid the global selloff. Jack Shannon. Sponsor Center. I know you have a ton of expertise particularly in the U.

Look, I think the big thing that we’ve seen with Simon is, number one, I think access to a network of privacy professionals that we’re looking to recruit and bring in to ZoomInfo as well as a real understanding of the compliance and regulatory environment that it’s helping us think through how we continue to innovate our privacy posture.

And I think the other thing we see is the complicated regulatory environment is not just complicated for us, it’s complicated for all of our customers.

And so we’ve been able to leverage Simon’s expertise in front of our enterprise customers as they look to navigate the regulatory construct and he has more experience in that than just about anybody else in the world. And so we’re seeing an ability to unlock opportunities internationally because of Simon’s expertise in the regulatory environment. I just want to ask about the customer data more than , That’s very impressive.

So Siti, thanks for joining. You cut out just a little in the middle there. But I think your question was that for those customers that we added that are over ,, how much of that is existing customers that are upselling versus customers that are coming on and buying a number of different parts of the platform.

As has been historically the case, we tend to land customers with a kind of smaller offering or sometimes a trial and then expand and grow them over time. So that continues to be the case that we’ve that most of the customers that we add in that , are customers that started at a smaller level with us and we’ve upsell. But there does continue to be momentum in customers coming on over , I think last year, we started to see a little bit more momentum, and that’s continued in Q1, where a growing number of customers are coming in at , or , and then continuing to grow from there as well.

Hey there. Good afternoon. At margin holding in at the high 30s, again, this — here in Q1, guidance margins remain somewhere around those levels for the rest of the year. Cameron, is that a level you’re comfortable suggesting you’d expect margins to stabilize around? Is that a fair characterization or anything else you’d add to just help us compare and contrast the full year outlook of what you last provided?

So from a margin perspective, certainly, we are focused on the construct that we laid out last year at our Analyst Day, where margins are somewhat inversely correlated to growth. So the faster we grow, the more investment we have upfront into bringing customers on and implementing those customers. I think the margins that we’ve laid out and certainly within the guidance or what we’d expect to continue to operate at if we’re able to accelerate that growth, then it is possible that margins would come down somewhat.

And certainly, as we grow off a larger and larger base and that growth moderates a little. We would expect the margins to drift up. Thanks for taking the question. Henry, I wanted to talk about talent OS a little bit here. Would it be fair to say that the majority of the success you’ve had there so far has been with customers that have used something like sales OS in the past?

And — are you beginning to see an uptick in the number of organizations that are attracted to ZoomInfo, specifically for TalentOS or Recruiter on a stand-alone basis? I think our focus from a go-to-market perspective, Parker, has been focused on the customer base where we already have relationships with the customers. We’re already through procurement and privacy and security review where we can accelerate time to the sales cycle within those accounts.

That being said, we’re also seeing demand from new customers come in as well. And so we feel really good about the way that we’re positioned to have those conversations. And when you think about the breadth of people who are using the solution from everything from the cheap cake factory to Redspin, there’s a broad assortment of companies who get value out of that platform.

It is a different area in the business. So I wouldn’t say that the actual end user was also a user of sales OS but the customers, our focus has been on the customer base today. Congratulations on the quarter. Henry, strategically, when I look at the different pieces of the possible trying to put together talents marketing, sales, operations, etc, it looks like the company is getting a piece of other categories, budgets through overs and marketing talent operations sales previously, you’re doing it in a way that is synergistic with your core data platform.

Can you talk about how far you can go? And who are the categories that you’re gaining share from in each of these domains as you put the pieces of the puzzle together?

And if that is successful, how much more upside do you see with our core group of data platform customers, how much can that lead to in terms of ACV multiples relative to where you are with the core product if a customer were to completely buy into all layers of your RevOS? Thank you so much and congrats. It’s an interesting question. When we first founded ZoomInfo that we often got the question on the core sort of data and sales OS platform.

Where are you taking market who are you taking market from. In reality, we were creating a new market. We were evangelizing that a digital way to go to market have to start with data and insights that came from that data. And so we see — we continue to see a tremendous greenfield opportunity in the sales of the platform.

If you think about conversation intelligence, you can take a look at that space. We nearly tripled the number of customers in that space. We’re not displacing somebody. We’re making the go-to-market motion more efficient and people are willing to make an investment, essentially a small investment to get a high return on that investment by optimizing the way that they go to market.

You see that same thing in talent recruiters when you go inside of a corporation, the recruiting department tends to reach out to candidates and the same way today as they did a decade ago or a decade before that. It’s incredibly bespoke. They use job board, they’re not directly sourcing. They’re not engaging with candidates in digital ways. They’re not using SMS and email and calling and website chat to bring customers in candidates in and give them a personalized experience.

And so when we go into a recruiting department, we’re not displacing another budget, where significant — we’re making that motion significantly more efficient. And so you’re making that motion more efficient. And so our customers are much more willing to invest and these solutions to make their ultimate motion more efficient without having to displace something that exists today.

And I think when we think about the ACV or the potential for growth within our customers. But we have customers where the value proposition that we’re able to provide in marketing and operations, in some cases, can be greater than even what they’re deriving from the SalesOS. So we have customers that are actually spending more on those particular parts of the platform than they are just on sales.

So I think when we look at the opportunity to expand within our customers that we could expand by multiples of what we’re currently earning for just the SalesOS, where that’s the only thing that’s deployed. Retention definitely improves as our customers are using more advanced functionality.

We already see that there is a significant level of retention improvement for those customers as well. This is Elizabeth Porter on for Keith Weiss. Thank you so much. I was hoping to get an update on the government opportunity.

What is on the uptake of being able to purchase in through the GSA schedule how should we think about monetizing that opportunity?

I think the way to think about it today is that we’re in really early days of that opportunity. We are seeing good momentum as we come out as we’ve come out with an offering for the government and through the GSA schedule. But it’s really early days in that opportunity. Lots of promise, and we’ve stated the team to go after that opportunity, but it’s still really early days. Congrats on a great quarter. I guess maybe — just at a high level, you talked about the demand environment, not really seeing much of an impact from all the macro factors.

If I isolate that to the large deal environment and we called out that deal with Alphabet, there was eight figures. How should we think about the pipeline for those types of engagements, not necessarily figure, but just large deals. How do you think about that pipeline this year given the demand? And then maybe for Cameron, for the last, I want to say, four quarters, I think.

Any sense for why that would be? Or anything to call out there would be helpful. So if we start on the pipeline, I’ll just jump in real quick. Realistically, the macro factors, if you isolated into to kind of areas, one being, obviously, the conflicts in Eastern Europe and the second being fears of a potential recession.

We don’t see any impact on our large deals. Realistically, we don’t do much business in Eastern Europe historically, and that’s not kind of one of the primary areas where we’re focusing right now. So large deals are unimpacted by that. And certainly, in terms of any potential recession or recession thoughts, I think for larger deals, those are customers that are leaning in even harder to being more efficient and more effective.

So I think that those sorts of customers are more likely to focus on where they can get quick time to value, and that’s something that I can imagine even accelerating sales cycles around that as opposed to decelerating because our system is so focused on that quick time to value and generating efficiency and effectiveness for go-to-market motions. On the billings and bookings discussion, I think it’s worth pointing out that if you look at the ratio of billings to bookings, Q1 of last year, so Q1 of was actually, by far, the highest ratio of bookings to billings or the ratio of billings to bookings, sorry.

And that largely related to when we came out of COVID, there was like a deferral of some of our bookings and certainly more of our bookings were done quarterly in like Q2 and Q3 of than they had been historically. So that’s just another one of those levels of noise where bookings and billings can be imperfect metrics when you’re looking at growth. And certainly, the compare in Q1 of , I think, distorts that the kind of growth figures that you’d otherwise be looking at.

Thanks so much for taking my questions and nice to see continued strengthen the business. Just a simple one in terms of geography. So you’re expanding your presence in Europe. You opened up your first office in India. I want to get a sense for how do you think about the opportunity, especially in emerging markets? Because it seems pretty obvious, the G7 or the natural adjacency — but hoping up in India, it seems like a completely different base.

Maybe can you walk us through how you’re thinking about that international opportunity and specifically in emerging markets? I think as it relates to India, the bulk of the talent we have there is around customer success, support, product management, and engineering. Today, from a go-to-market perspective, we think the London office as well as in the future, potentially Australia, New Zealand, time zone, and geography makes sense for us.

Hey, Henry. Hey, Cameron. I wanted to build upon a prior question about TalentOS with its potential for being a primary land and actually kind of shifting it over to MarketingOS here. So clearly, a new product, I understand that, but it has some unique features in there.

It has account-based marketing. It has an ad tech DSP. I mean, are you also seeing inbound demand for marketing OS as a stand-alone basis? And if you are, maybe you could share what are some of the pain points that those customers are looking to try and solve it the Zoom infill marketing OS.

Great question. We are seeing inbound demand for marketing OS from an outbound perspective, we are still focused on our existing customer base for that where we have existing relationships with sales and often marketing. Many of our customers on the SalesOS platform are using it for marketing-related audience building or marketing automation campaign, form completion enrichment.

And so we already have a; bulk of a big amount of our customers who are from the marketing department. And so what we’ve done is go out to them, show them the expanded capabilities of the marketing OS platform and we’re getting more and more of them to sign up for that. We do believe when we have these conversations, one of the first things we hear is, look, we spend a lot of time building high-value audiences to deploy through marketing automation to deploy through our sales team and our outbound efforts and we’d love to have a way to build an audience and deploy through the display ad networks and to deploy through the social media network.

And our solution because it’s built on this million professional profiles across million company profile, we were able to let marketers build a B2B audience inside of ZoomInfo. And then deploy that audience across the display ad network across the social media network. So now you’re getting business and buyer persona targeting within the display ad networks. We think that’s new. We think that’s differentiated.

And we know that the reason why we’re able to provide that in a significantly differentiated way is because of the data asset that we’re leveraging against. And now every marketer can easily build an audience, say, VP of IT at healthcare companies within California, Nevada, and Oregon and start putting ads against that specific persona across the display ad networks, across the social media network.

That’s incredibly powerful. It’s turnkey and marketers haven’t had the ability to do that because no one’s built a platform like this on top of the data foundation that we have. It seems like a good portion of the outperformance is coming from Chorus, Engage, TalentOS, and some of the newer opportunities.

So as these pieces become a bigger portion of the mix, Cameron, is there anything to keep in mind from potential impact or differences in the margin structure of some of these at the early stage? And certainly, one of the pieces around the acquisitions that we’ve done is taking companies that have less of a focus on sales efficiency and putting them into our model, where we’re able to generate incremental sales on a much more efficient basis.

So I think that what we see, if you think about the margin kind of outlook going forward is that from some of those earlier acquisitions, they’ll continue to become a little bit more efficient as they’re kind of more deeply integrated into the model, but then we have newer acquisitions where we need to, again, go through that process of realizing some of that synergy and kind of integrating into the platform where we’re able to get those faster sales cycles running as well.

So I think that the construct that we’ve laid out before, where at a ish kind of type of growth rate, which is where we were around when we went public, we’d be able to deliver margins in those kind of mids extended the acquisitions. I think we’re very comfortable with that. And obviously, at the levels that we’re growing now stepped up levels, we expect margins to continue in the kind of high 30s, low 40s.

And as we grow off that larger and larger base and growth rates start to moderate a little, but we’ll see those margins drift back up over time. I guess, Henry, Cameron, great to hear companies like Alphabet, Shopify leading into the platform, I guess, at a high level, the vision to move up into apps from just the core data layer seems to be resonating — my question here is if you just think about this quarter biggest dollar beat operating profits that you’ve seen since the IPO, really strong cash flows.

I love to get any thoughts on what the appetite here is given the momentum you have. Thank you for the question. I think layering on to what Cameron just finished saying.

We feel really good about our ability to take various technologies, integrate them with our data and then take them to market as a proven way to grow. Today, we have a really clear vision for how we want our platform to evolve. We’re doing content analysis around that vision around build, buy, or partner to achieve that vision.

We understand the ecosystems across our four personas. And Brent, I’d probably layer on to that. And so we plan to continue that. I think valuations, I think, in the public markets have certainly come down, but sometimes it takes a little while for private valuations to fully mirror the reality that kind of come to be. So while there are opportunities out there, we’re more focused on just meeting our kind of core criteria than we are on where valuations are moving or anything else.

This is Chase on for Brian. Just one from our side. Can you guys elaborate on the announcement of the ZoomInfo Labs. I’m understanding kind of the aggregation integration, but just obviously think about the tire customer there. And then how you guys see the ramping operations to meet the broader demand in the market? And Dogpatch Advisors is professional services and consultancy firm that helps enterprises build out their go-to-market efforts using data and insights and software to make those go-to-market efforts incredibly effective and efficient.

And so when we talk with our customers and our prospects, what they’re telling us is they want a world where their go-to-market motions are driven by data where our software is interconnected seamlessly, where they have the ability to run innovative sales playbook but they don’t have a pathway to get there.

And so what we’re hopeful to do with ZoomInfo Lab is to provide a mechanism to help our customers see a future that’s innovative, that’s data-driven, where systems are integrated and talk to each other where our data cloud sits at the foundation of that and our application layer drives the interconnectivity of that motion.

And so the Dogpatch Advisors acquisition, which turns into ZoomInfo Labs here at ZoomInfo is designed to help our customers not only see that vision, but then also achieve that. Thank you, everyone. We hope that you can join us virtually for the Analyst Day on June 2nd at p. We’re excited to share more with you about our platform approach and our leading combination of both growth and profitability. This article is a transcript of this conference call produced for The Motley Fool.

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Investor Relations | Zoominfo Technologies, Inc. | ZI Stock.

I think valuations, I think, in the public markets have certainly come down, but sometimes it takes a little while for private valuations to fully mirror the reality that kind of come to be. Can you talk about how far you can go? We are increasingly seeing customers embrace the integrated platform experience. Are you seeing anything? As a result, we focus on days adjusted sequential revenue growth. An enterprise go-to-market, we know that the best-performing enterprise companies are leveraging data, insights, and software for their revenue operation. It is a different area in the business.

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